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A new control concept for hydrocyclones being operated in grinding circuits is presented. Such a system is required with increased hardness of the mill feed resulting in coarser mill discharge increased circulating load and higher solids content in the hydrocyclone feed.

How to Operate a Grinding Circuit

Metallurgical ContentControls for Grinding Circuit What to Look For in a grinding circuitWatch the Mill FeedLooking for TroubleHandling the Grinding CircuitUsing the TableStarting and StoppingSafetyHow to Operate a Flotation CircuitHow to Operate a Thickener How hard a ball mill operator has to work depends partly on himself and partly on the kind of muck the mine sends over to the mill. In

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Appropriate process sampling and data analysis allowed for the determination of parameters in a dynamic simulator of closed-circuit grinding. Analysis of selected control strategies in response to

OverGrinding in grinding circuits

In grinding circuits energy is wasted when particles are ground to a size finer than is necessary. Such overgrinding can be caused when particles are retained in the circuit for too long and continue to be ground even after they have reached the target product size of the circuit.

Advanced Controller for Grinding Mills: Results from a Ball

ball mill using a conveyor belt. The ball mill grinding circuit is illustrated in Figure 2. % Solids 78.9 Circulating Load 474% Advance Control Optimizer Manual Mode Preset Output Alarm Summary 6 Mills Display Group Display sump level: 86.4% 13.1 AMPS Primary Ball Mill No. 5 Solids Flow GPM 66.7 % 1.72 9.1 SGU PSI 35.5% PSM 28.6 % 65 32.6 %

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Circuit Grinding Control