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Agitation of viscous Newtonian and non‐Newtonian fluids .

The results generally confirm an approach developed earlier for the broader ranges of variables listed above. For the non‐Newtonian fluids of primary interest in this study that is purely viscous materials having flow behavior indexes of less than unity pseudoplastics Bingham plastics the prediction of power requirements has been developed to nearly the same level of perfection as for .

Effect of aeration and agitation rates and scale-up on oxygen .

This is normally found in other scale-ups of biopolymer production due to different geometric characteristics with aeration and agitation systems Flores et al. 1997 Galaction et al. 2004 Garćia-Ochoa et al. 2000 .

Agitation of non‐Newtonian fluids - Metzner - 1957 - AIChE .

Tank diameters ranged from 6 to 22 in. and power inputs from 0.5 to 176 hp./1000 gal. The study encompassed a 130‐fold range of Reynolds numbers in the laminar and transition regions. The results to date indi e that power requirements for the rapid mixing of non‐Newtonian fluids are much greater than for comparable Newtonian materials.

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m s 1 ; N is the agitation speed of the impellers s 1 ; D is the tank diameter m ; Q is the air flow rate m3 s 1 and g is the initial viscosity of the liquid medium Pa s . The viscosity of the 1% w/v pectin solution was determined using a Canon Fenske 200 capillary viscome-ter. The average value of viscosity obtained was 0 013 Pa s.

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Simultaneous saccharifi ion and fermentation SSF of cassava in an oscillatory baffled reactor OBR and in a stirred tank reactor STR was studied at various agitation regimes. At power densities of 120 W m⁻³ OBR: Reₒ 1400; STR: 250 rpm and 200 W m⁻³ OBR: Reₒ 1700; STR: 300 rpm respectively 20–24% more ethanol and 22 .

Mixing of shear‐thinning fluids with yield stress in stirred .

The tank height is 40 cm and its diameter is 24 cm. The tank fill levels are 32 cm and 36 cm for the single and the 3‐agitator system respectively. The agitators are driven by a controlled DC‐motor. For all experiments the tank is allowed to sit overnight to eliminate air bubbles that might have been entrained during pumping or filling.

A cost efficient way to obtain lipid accumulation in the .

The cultivation comparison of the agitation tank and airlift bioreactor shown in Fig. 7 indi es that the biomass and total lipids accumulation performance appeared to be higher in the agitation tank than in the airlift bioreactor. The average cell growth rate was 0.156 and 0.125 g/L hr in the agitation tank and in the airlift bioreactor .

Mixing and Agitation Class Lecture Vortices Fluid Mechanics

Unbaffled Tanks If a low viscosity liquid is stirred in an unbaffled tank by a centrally mounted agitator there is a tendency for a swirling flow pattern to develop for the lighter fluid usually air to be drawn in to form a vortex at the surface of the liquid and for the degree of agitation and mixing to be reduced.

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