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Volcanic Rock Dust How to Apply Cascade Minerals

Thomas Hochard on Silica and Basalt: How Rock Dust Benefits the Health of Soil Plants and People; Thomas Hochard on Silica and Basalt: How Rock Dust Benefits the Health of Soil Plants and People; Peter Vorac on How much rock dust is enough? A bit of basalt goes a long way toward improving soil health

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Basalt Rock Dust Basalt Rock Dust is made of the volcanic rock called basalt. It is actually a byproduct of mining basalt for other purposes such as landscaping decorative rocks construction and industrial uses. When the rocks are crushed to the size needed for those purposes some of it is rendered into powder in the process.

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To use basalt dust in your garden it’s good to spread it on top of your beds or in your orchard. It can also be used on the lawns. Minimum recommended appli ion rate for the first time is: 3 tons/acre = 14 lb/100 sq. ft. = 1.25 lb/sq. yd.

When and How to Use Rock Dust for Your Garden

But as the product sellers will tell you you use rock dust only for a couple of years. Then you stop until a few years later when you need it again. 5. Backyard Vineyard. A final scenario where I find rock dust useful is in my backyard vineyard. Wine grapes love lots of minerals.

What is Basalt Rock Dust and How Do I Use it In My Garden?

Using basalt rock dust can be one thing that can help replenish your soils lost nutrients which in turn will make for healthier plants and a more robust field of crops. With a simple soil test you can learn to balance your soil nutrients making sure to pay attention to the micro-nutrient just as much as the macro-nutrients.

Using Volcanic Rock Dust in Your Garden Organic Soil and Compost

Often going by the names rock flour rock powder stone dust and basalt volcanic rock dust is one of the best things that you can add to your garden. Rock minerals are essential for plant growth but not all rocks are the same. Igneous rocks from volcanoes like basalt have the highest mineral content.

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How To Use Basalt Rock Dust