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Continuous measure of the load on the belt Our weighfeeders make a significant contribution toward optimization of your production sequences. The intelligent systems continuously measure the load on the belt and the belt& 39;s velocity from which they calculate the current delivery rate.

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The function of the electronics A belt weigher is an integrating device similar to a speedometer in a car which integrates multiplies distance with time. The speed of the belt technically the belt displacement is multiplied by the weight of material on the belt thus giving weight per unit time.

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Belt weighers are automated systems designed to control regulate and totalize continuous flow of bulk material. For this purpose a section of the belt is usually set up for weighing: m/l mass per unit belt length. A transducer establishes the displacement length l .

The Working Principle and Product Features of Belt Weigh Feeder

The Working Principle and Product Features of Belt Weigh Feeder 2016-11-10 Belt weigh feeder is a perfect equipment for continuous weighing feeding and dosing of bulk material and powder and can also realize open-loop and closed loop flow control.

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Belt speed: 005 bis 70 m/s in case of one weighing station Flow rate: 20.000 t/h and counting Slope oft he belt: ≤ 20 material should not tumble backwards Max. trough angle: ≤ 45 Load cell: 100 % digital SFT Smart Force Transducer Standard Colour: RAL 5000 blue Options: Additional module for varying conveying directions.

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Weighing system for solid products transported by rubber belt conveyors. Due to its adjustable frame this scale match to any type of belt conveyor. It is a robust mechanical structure that allows the easy and modular installation of up-to 4 weighing terminals in one control equipment and it is suitable for conveyors of any belt width and flow.

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A weigher that weighs using the dosing principle. Machines with only one conveyor or elevator belt work in the following way: The conveyor or elevator belt begins to rapidly fill a hopper/weigher.

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The general dosing principles is similar to the classical closed-loop scheme as it was introduced for the ODM-GraviSCALE belt weigh feeder. The same idea is transferred to a screw conveyor as shown in Figure 8. The WeighTUBE consists of a tubular screw conveyor which is continuously discharging material from an intermediate buffer.

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Dosing Belt Weigher Working