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Cardinal Tetras get their name from their vivid cardinal colored ventral parts that run horizontally down the length of the fish’s body bleeding into parts of the tail. Above the red stripe is an iridescent blue stripe that pairs with the red line parallel down the fish stopping just before the tail with no bleeding.

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Include a few plants akin to those found in the rivers cardinal tetras inhabit but leave a lot of open swimming spaces. As for water chemistry the fish prefer soft and acidic water with a ph between 4.5 and 6.2 and a water temperature between 73 Fand 82 F.

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Neon Tetras also enjoy fairly acidic water say 6.0 pH to 6.8 pH whereas Cardinal Tetras need a pH between 4.5-6.2. In theory both fish can survive in about 5.8-6.2 pH but it’s a 50-50 chance as they may both find it uncomfortable; too low for Neon Tetras and too high for Cardinals.

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How to Identify Neon Tetra& 39;s and Cardinal Tetra& 39;s Gender? Gender distinction is difficult. Female fish are larger more rounded. Male fish has a slimmer build. How to Breed Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra? The ready to breed is taken to a well-planted dimly lit tank with a suitable male and her reproduction is ensured here.

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As well both the Cardinal and Neon Tetra like plants. The tank they are housed in should ideally have plant coverage in which they can use to hide. Aside from these two basic starter necessities of adequate numbers of fish and plants there are some differences between the Cardinal and Neon Tetras.

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Cardinal Tetras naturally live in flooded forest areas shallow creeks and tributaries to large rivers in South America. Although there are plants and rocks spread around the bottom of the water column there is lots of open space for swimming.

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Tetras are found primarily in the streams and rivers of South America and Africa. Most tetras are a very active schooling fish that work well in a peaceful community aquarium. Tetras are an amazing community fish Tetras do best in well-planted aquariums. Cardinal Tetras and Rumynose are among the most difficult of this species. It is a thought that if you can succeed with Cardinals and Rummynose .

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Cardinal Tetras naturally live in flooded forest areas shallow creeks and tributaries to large rivers in South America. Although there are plants and rocks spread around the bottom of the water column there is lots of open space for swimming. The environment would be warm and slightly acidic and the shallow waters move slowly.

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For Cardinal tetras it is always a good idea to include a lot of plants in your aquarium as well as an open area for swimming. Floating plants help dim the light a bit and that way your Cardinal tetras will spend more time out in the open. Keep Cardinal tetras in groups of at least five. Larger shoals are even better so if you have place for .

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Similar to the Neon Tetra the Cardinal Tetra prefers a mature tank with soft and acidic water. The water chemistry in the tank must remain stable. Cardinal Tetras do not do well in newly started tanks. For the tank you want to keep the pH level below 6 while the hardness level needs to be 4dGH and below.

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Décor: The most natural choices for aquarium décor for neon and cardinal tetras are plants that hail from the Amazon river: for example the Echinodorus paniculatus or the Amazon sword plant. Though in the wild there is a lot of decaying wood and leaf litter this is not recommended in the closed environment of an aquarium as the breakdown .

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fake plants do everything live plants do except grow and clean your water no plants may encourage your tetras to school more if you have enough of them. lack of hiding places should keep them scared enough to stay in a group most of the time but might cause them some stress since it doesn& 39;t seem like being scared al lthe time would be good for .

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Cardinal Tetra Stats Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons 75 Liters Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: PH 4.5-7.0 and Soft Temperature: 75-84 F 24-29 C Maximum Size: 2 inches 5 cm The cardinal tetra Paracheirodon axelrodi is a small beautiful fresh water fish. It closely resembles the neon tetra and is often mistaken for this more common .

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Cardinal Tetras stick to the middle of the aquarium but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the substrate. Your best option would be fine sand. The sand closely resembles riverbeds and acts as the perfect anchor for live plants. Speaking of which you’ll need a lot of plants

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Cardinal tetras can survive in acidic pH 2.9 and alkaline pH 8.8. However the best pH level for a cardinal tetra is near neutral levels. Scientifically it’s agreed that cardinal tetras prefer a pH level between 5.3 and 7.8. What Happens If The pH Level Is Too High? Cardinal tetras are generally able to survive in water that has a high pH .

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The Popular Cardinal Tetra. Paracheirodon axelrodi is commonly known in the hobby as the cardinal tetra and it is one of the most popular tropical aquarium fish. Most people who have had a freshwater aquarium have probably owned some or maybe at some point—like myself—have even had a few hundred schooling in a large aquarium.

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The majority of people who house cardinal tetras will usually use a sand type substrate. Others use a very fine gravel and have had no problems with their tetras. If you want your cardinal tetras to stand out try using a black sand substrate. Note: The information on this cardinal tetra care sheet is not a substitute for veterinary care.

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Cardinal Tetras Without Gravel And Plants