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Minerals are generally concentrated in three broad belts in India. There may be some sporadic occurrences here and there in isolated pockets. These belts are: The North-Eastern Plalteau Region. This belt covers Chhotanagpur Jharkhand Odisha Plateau West Bengal and parts of ChhattisgarhlIt has variety of minerals viz. iron ore coal .

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A number of base metal deposits are lo ed in these belts as also other minerals. The isolated hillocks of western Rajasthan constitute the Upper Proterozoic Malani Igneous Suite and the Erinpura Granite pluton. Eastern Rajasthan is characterised by the vast sedimentary stretch constituting the Vindhyans which is juxtaposed against the rocks .

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The Himalayan belt is also an important mineral belt as it has rich deposits of copper lead zinc cobalt and tungsten. Major Minerals. Following are the major minerals found in india − Iron. About 95% of total reserves of iron ore is found in the States of Odisha Jharkhand Chhattisgarh Karnataka Goa Telangana Andhra Pradesh and .

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Bihar Mica Belt India : Pegmatites lo ed in the northeastern corner of Indian peninsula running ENE-WSW for over 150 km across the Giridih Koderma Hazaribagh Monghyr Nawadah and Gaya districts of Bihar State old . .


India has a large number of economically useful minerals and they constitute one-quarter of the world& 39;s known mineral resources. About two-thirds of its iron deposits lies in a belt along Odisha and Bihar border. Other haemaite deposits are found in Madhya Pradesh Karnataka Maharastra and Goa.

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List of Mineral Belts in India A mineral is an aggregate of two or more than two elements. It has a definite chemical composition physical properties and is formed by either organic or inorganic.

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This belt comprising of Chota Nagpur plateau and Orissa Plateau in the states of Jharkhand West Bengal and Orissa is the richest mineral belt of India. It contains large quantities of coal iron ore manganese mica bauxite copper kyanite chromite beryl apatite and many more minerals.


The following mineral belts may be identified in India: and nbsp; o and nbsp; The Chotanagpur Belt: This belt stretches over Jharkhand Chhattisgarh Orissa and West Bengal. This region is rich in coal mica manganese chromite ilmenite bauxite iron phosphate copper dolomitr china-clay and limestone. o The Midland Belt: This belt sprawls over the states of Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh .

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The Barberton Greenstone belt was first uniquely identified by Prof Annhauser at the University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg. His work in mapping and detailing the characteristics of the Barberton Greenstone belt has been used as a primer for other greenstone belts around the world.

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This belt is the richest mineral belt in India and it is also known as Iron and steel belt of India. Many mineral are found in this belt- Coal Iron ore Manganese Mica Limestone Bauxite Copper and China clay. 2. CENTRAL BELT: The central belt consists of states of Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Telangana and Maharashtra.

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In India mica belt is lo ed along the northern fringe of the Bihar Plateau as includes parts of Hazaribagh and Gaya districts. Mica belt generally occurs in the veins of the metamorphic rocks. The mica belt in this region runs in the east-west direction. Giridih Domchanch and Kodarma are the principal collecting centres where it is .

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In this chapter we have described the chromite deposits hosted in Archean greenstone belts from the Indian Shield Fig. 6.1 .Significant chromite deposits that account for ≈96%–98% of the total resources of Cr in India are hosted within plutonic ultramafic-mafic rocks of the Nuasahi-Sukinda Massifs which are associated with volcano-sedimentary supracrustal rocks of the IOG greenstone .

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Mineral belts in India India is one of the richest countries in minerals resources in the world. Since India’s internal structure of earth is the product of ancient hard rock’s therefore almost all.

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The thermal history of the Eastern Ghats Belt India as revealed by U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar dating of metamorphic and magmatic minerals: impli ions for the SWEAT correlation. Precambrian Research 94 251 –71.CrossRef Google Scholar

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5 mineral rich regions of India: Northern belt Central belt South east belt South west belt North west belt Meaning of pyala lakes; Mineral reserves in India: Iron ore copper bauxite Mica Limestone Chromite. Energy Reserves in India: Coal. Types of Coal and their properties: Bituminous Lignite Anthracite and peat coal reserve in .

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Mineral Belt Lo ion Minerals found North Eastern Peninsular Belt: Chota Nagpur plateau and the Orissa plateau covering the states of Jharkhand West Bengal and Orissa.: Coal iron ore manganese mica bauxite copper kyanite chromite beryl apatite etc. Khullar calls this region the mineral heartland of India and further cites studies to state that: & 39;this region possesses India& 39;s 100 .

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