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The most advanced Aluminum Foil Mill Primetals Technologies

ALUMINUM FOIL MILL — EFFICIENT PRODUCTION OF HIGH-QUALITY, LOW-COST FOIL Primetals Technologies designs the most advanced foil rolling mills in the world, combining the latest developments in automated foil feed, measurement and control to enable producers to achieve the best quality foil at the lowest cost.

Aluminum Foil Semi-Finishing Mill for series 1000, 3000 and 8000

Aluminum Foil Semi-Finishing Mill Cold Rolling Mill Aluminium foil semi-finishing mill is designed to roll the incoming aluminium strips and coils of thickness of 0.15 mm down to the aluminium foil of thickness over 0.012mm or 0.006mm x2 after several passes. Heave Gauge Aluminum Foil Slitting Machine

Aluminum Rolling Mills HARBOR Aluminum

Aluminum Mill Products Aluminum can be rolled into different sizes and lengths. From heavy plates several inches thick to paper-thin foils, rolling mills produce a wide array of aluminum products. Completed aluminum coils are cold-pressed to achieve a smooth surface.

Products Aluminium and Non-Ferrous Metals Aluminium Foil .

Aluminium Foil Rolling mills 68/115 Danieli built the first foil rolling mill in 1961. Today, the company’s reference list includes 101 Foil Rolling Mills all over the world.


Aluminum foil is produced by rolling aluminum slabs cast from molten aluminum in a rolling mill to the desired thickness. To maintain a constant thickness, a technician monitors the rolling mill sensors to ensure the pressure on the slab is correct.

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Robertson, Kampf, Schmutz, Nishimura, Waldrich-Siegen, Otto-Junker Built: 1962 – 1989 Foil width: 850 mm Entry thickness: 0.4 mm Exit: 2 x 7 microns Scope of supply: Roughing Foil rolling mill: 4-Hi Intermediate foil mill 4-Hi Finishing foil mill 4-Hi Slitters – Qty. 4 Roll grinders – Qty. 2 Annealing furnaces – Qty. 4 Charging car .

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Aluminum Foil Ball Mill