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Hold the lighter vertically in your hand. Keep it below the thing that you are trying to light. The flame will remain vertical, regardless of the angle of the lighter, and you may burn your hand if you try to hold the lighter horizontally. Keep your hand away from the flame, and from the thing that you are lighting.

How to Use a Candle Lighter Hunker

A candle lighter& 39;s long nozzle gives you a safe way to ignite a candle flame, even when you have a short candle inside a tall jar or a glass candle holder. The basic operation is the same from one brand of candle lighter to the next, although some feature a safety switch to prevent young children from activating the device.


Light the burner by using a long fireplace match or a lit paper under the center of the lighter near the burner ports. 8. Turn the gas valve ON gradually until burner ignition occurs. 9. If burner does not light with five seconds, turn gas valve OFF and wait 5 minutes before trying to relight. 10. When log lighter is burning, close the .

The Pros and Cons Of Using A Fireplace Log Lighter

Misuse of this product - by using it as a gas burner instead of a fire starter, can cause permanent damage to a zero clearance fireplace. It is unsafe to use the log lighter as a fireplace burner. It is intended to only be used for a short period of time - creating the flames needed to fully light the logs in your fireplace.

Gas Log Lighter Benefits and How to Operate in your Fireplace

Light a long-stemmed fireplace match and hold it toward the center of the cast-iron burner ports. Turn the log lighter valve “on” gradually until ignition occurs. If burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn valve OFF, wait for five 5 minutes before trying again.

How To Refill Butane Torch Lighter Simple Easy - YouTube

In today& 39;s video we are taking a look at how to refill butane torch lighter simple and easy. this is a very cost effective way to fill your lighter or torch..

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How To Use Long Lighter